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Week 9 Results [29 Dec 2005|01:21am]


Everyone's A Winner!!Collapse )

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Week 9 Voting [26 Dec 2005|04:04pm]

[ mood | complacent ]

Voting will be until wed.

Chose your fav. 3 for each Sub Theme


1. 2. 3.  4.


1. 2. 3. 4.


(voting example: Winter 1,2,3 X-mas 4,3,2)

any questions just ask

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Week 10 Theme [26 Dec 2005|03:51pm]

[ mood | content ]

This week's theme is CELEBRATION

Use any image that comes to mind w/ that word Burton Related. The Celebration is for a New year this upcoming Weekend... and on top of that it's going to be out 10th challenge!!!

Must be Burton Related
Can use any images
can use text, brushes, animation, etc.
Must be in by this weekend
Submit as many a you want but not like an exaggerated 30 O.o unless you want to.. then sure ?!
must be in by 12/30/05
Submit to this post
If u have any credits... include them ^.^ (ex. brush credits, or wanting to give credit to whomever u got the images from)
Need Ideas on the word? : People jumping up going crazy, excitedly happy images, people gathered together.. Be creative, u guys always are =)

Sorry for all those late banners Ill be working on them this week =( Unless someone wants to volunteer and be a banner maker for a while

Please post more theme suggestions here...
I wanna keep this place member friendly and use everyone's ideas as well =)

go get crazy!

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Week 8 Winners [13 Dec 2005|12:42pm]

[ mood | pleased ]

^.^ Collapse )

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Week 9 Theme [12 Dec 2005|10:34pm]

Here are a few Themes for you guys to do in a period of 2 weeks...

1) Winter

Make up to two icons

may use pretty much anything
Make Sure the Icon is Burton related ofcourse;-)

2) Christmas

may use anything
Make up to 2 icons.

Get them in by 12/23/05! right b-4 christmas!

Ciao Ciao
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Week 8 Poll [10 Dec 2005|05:10pm]

[ mood | blah ]

EDIT SORRY GUYS I WAS ALL MIXED UP ON NUMBERS!!! AHHH!!!! SORRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYY Please forgive me >.< if u voted and noticed my error can u vote again >.<


Charlie and the Chocolate FactoryCollapse )

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Week 7 Autumn Results [05 Dec 2005|07:45pm]



And Now we Can Transition to WinterCollapse )

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New Theme Week 8 [02 Dec 2005|11:22am]

[ mood | busy ]

Okay Since Charlie and the Chocolate factory came out DVD recently and someone suggested it... This Will Be Week 8's Theme ^.^

Usually The Rules are "Must Use Pics Provided" But this week it's another free for all. Most likely Next time we'll give ya Pictures. The Other Mods are prolly gonna Kick me in the Face but w/e. Next time.

1. Use Any CATCF Image for Icons.
2. May us text, brushes, animation, etc.
3. Must submit by 12/09/05. If You guys dont! .... I'mma take a hint that you guys like to have to weeks two do these challenges because that's what usually happens. And That's okay, it's up to you. But as for now it's due Next friday.
3. May Submit up to 3 Icons! So make them unique! Make one Charlie, one Willy Wonka, and one a squirrel If u want to. There's a variety to chose from.
4. Icons go here on this post! XD

Depending on How many icons received may also expand amount of awards *gasp* >.< I may have to make a lot of Banners!

P.S. frolicingllama You will get your banner!

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Week 7 Voting [02 Dec 2005|11:14am]

[ mood | busy ]

Autumn Has come to a Late EndCollapse )

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Week 6 Banners [27 Nov 2005|09:14pm]

[ mood | Upset ]

Here are Your banners...
Sorry If Your Icons look unporportional to the original >.< My photoshop was acting all weird.

CONTEST EXTENSION until next friday 12/2/05 For the Autumn theme.. and we're going to december O.O
But I'm guessing most of u were busy w/ Thanksgiving and all... Submit here

Sally...errr... GONE AGAIN!!Collapse )

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MID WEEK REMINDER [24 Nov 2005|01:50am]

[ mood | anxious ]

Week 7 Icons Due Friday 11/25 by Midnight EST

Get them In ^.^ HERE

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Week 6 Results [21 Nov 2005|11:53pm]

[ mood | gipper ]

Polls are Closed And I bet You can't wait for the Results -.^


Surprise!! Surprise!!!Collapse )

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Week 7 Theme [20 Nov 2005|05:03pm]


This week's theme is an AUTUMN theme since we're entering thanksgiving this week and we're already in this season.

You don't have to necessarily have to put a turkey or find brown colored leaves... but make the icons look autumnly or show gatherings, friendship. anything creative for this theme. It may be hard, but open ur minds to the work of burton, and see what u can do!

you may submit up to 2 icons.
Use any tim burton related image.
May have texts, brushes, etc. just remember to stick w/ the theme. 

Icons due friday 11/25.
any other questions post here.

Don't Forget to vote for those RAGE ICONS HERE
and submit theme ideas Here as well.

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[19 Nov 2005|10:44pm]

[ mood | apathetic ]

3rd attempt!
Sorry the voting wasn't posted earlier but LJ was having problems =(
I really tried to get it up and running sooner...

But do get your booties over here and VOTE!

Voting Ends Monday at around 12 am EST and results will be posted Tuesday...or maybe 12:01 AM for all those nocturnal kids.
Voting is until monday again because of the that darn LJ MAINTENANCE darn it!

Vote for 3 icons
Don't vote for yourself

Rage Icons!Collapse )

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Week 5 Banners [17 Nov 2005|01:34am]

[ mood | concerned ]

Sorry for the delay >.<
and got PLENTY of help by a friend

Comment to let me kno ur all alive!

Here they Are!Collapse )

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[16 Nov 2005|09:16pm]

Because this community was nice enough to promote us here's a couple icon challenges u icon makers should look into:

silver_icontest Very old school ;-)


rome_icontest On HBO's new Hit series

Comment here on ur thoughts if u'd like to.


oh and don't post any icons u made here cause i made this entry open to all... so it won't be screened.
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Reminder!!!! [15 Nov 2005|12:23am]

Just A Mid-Week Reminder
Rage Icons Due This Friday!!!!! O.O So get them in =)
We have a current total of 3 contestants ;-)

Post Icons here
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New Theme [08 Nov 2005|11:56pm]

[ mood | complacent ]

This Week Things Will Be A little different...

I can't get in contact with the other MoDs so i'm guessing they'll let this week be for me =)

Theme is Rage
Meaning Find images of characters that are angry, showing rage against something, characters being their Bad selves etc. Be creative, show us what you got!

1. You can Use any image from Any Movie, of course Tim Burton related
2. You may Submit up to 2 icons
3. blending, gradients, w/e u use it fine.
4. If you like to animation go for it!
5. Just don't forget simple rules that are on the info page.
6. Any other questions You may comment here
7. submissions to this post only =P

I would say these Icons are due Friday 11/18. I'll post a mid-challenge update to see how many icons we got ;-) 

Need Movie Ideas?Collapse )

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Week 5 Results [07 Nov 2005|10:03pm]

[ mood | a hum ]

Finally What You've all been waiting For. As I promised The results!

But What does it Mean?!Collapse )

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[05 Nov 2005|01:40pm]


Okay this is really Late I kno!
But Thankx everyone for sticking with this community =)

We're Not gonna Die cause you guys keep this place alive. Now Vote! *Edit* SomeOne Reminded Me!! I forgot to say Vote for your Top 3!!! So Sorry!!! And I kno one person Voted for 2, so if u can come back, and pick one more icon >.< Thanx duskybelle

Voting Wo0o0oCollapse )

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