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New Theme

This Week Things Will Be A little different...

I can't get in contact with the other MoDs so i'm guessing they'll let this week be for me =)

Theme is Rage
Meaning Find images of characters that are angry, showing rage against something, characters being their Bad selves etc. Be creative, show us what you got!

1. You can Use any image from Any Movie, of course Tim Burton related
2. You may Submit up to 2 icons
3. blending, gradients, w/e u use it fine.
4. If you like to animation go for it!
5. Just don't forget simple rules that are on the info page.
6. Any other questions You may comment here
7. submissions to this post only =P

I would say these Icons are due Friday 11/18. I'll post a mid-challenge update to see how many icons we got ;-) 

Here's a Promo Banner that Might give ya Ideas on movies to use... hmm....

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