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New Theme Week 8

Okay Since Charlie and the Chocolate factory came out DVD recently and someone suggested it... This Will Be Week 8's Theme ^.^

Usually The Rules are "Must Use Pics Provided" But this week it's another free for all. Most likely Next time we'll give ya Pictures. The Other Mods are prolly gonna Kick me in the Face but w/e. Next time.

1. Use Any CATCF Image for Icons.
2. May us text, brushes, animation, etc.
3. Must submit by 12/09/05. If You guys dont! .... I'mma take a hint that you guys like to have to weeks two do these challenges because that's what usually happens. And That's okay, it's up to you. But as for now it's due Next friday.
3. May Submit up to 3 Icons! So make them unique! Make one Charlie, one Willy Wonka, and one a squirrel If u want to. There's a variety to chose from.
4. Icons go here on this post! XD

Depending on How many icons received may also expand amount of awards *gasp* >.< I may have to make a lot of Banners!

P.S. frolicingllama You will get your banner!
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